Supporting reduced exhaust emissions

To improve public health and environmental quality, the next generation of European emission standards will ensure that vehicles deliver reduced exhaust emissions over their entire life span. EMRP project 'Emerging requirements for measuring pollutants from automotive exhaust emissions' has developed a facility to validate automotive particle emission instruments. A world leader in the field of portable measurement technology used the new facility to assess the performance of an innovative exhaust monitoring instrument, which is enabling customers to demonstrate compliance with these standards.

‘Energy for the future’

EURAMET's scientific symposium on 'Energy for the future' gave inspiring input to the metrology community. Read more about the symposium and see the presentations>>

EMPIR Call 2016: Stage 2 Now Open

EURAMET e.V. announces the launch of the Stage 2 EMPIR Call 2016. The EMPIR Call 2016 addresses the topic areas Metrology for Energy, Environment, Normative and Research Potential projects. Stage 2 of the Call, call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs), will close on 30 September 2016.
Further details are available at