EURAMET celebrates 20+10=30 years anniversary in 2017

11 January 2007 was the day of EURAMET's inauguration. 20 years earlier, in 1987, its predecessor EUROMET was founded. 30 years of collaboration in European metrology are the result of these two important events.

That is why EURAMET celebrates 20+10=30 years of collaboration in European metrology this year.

It all started on a Thursday in Berlin...
Our first flashback of the anniversary year explaines why EURAMET was founded, the idea behind it and the objectives of the new organisation. read more>>

Protecting public health from exposure to noise

Hearing loss is an important public health concern with substantial economic costs and social consequences. Hearing screening programmes to manage this problem, must be underpinned by robust measurements. To improve the quality of diagnosis, particularly for neonates and children, EMRP project HLT01 developed an innovative universal ear simulator and project 15HLT03 will validate this concept in readiness for clinical practice.

Job advertisement: Programme Manager

EURAMET is looking for a Programme Manager for its European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research.